Our Story

Pot & Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen® is a Louisiana-based franchise owned by Jambalaya Kitchen Enterprises, LLC and founded by Chuck Lavigne. As a former restaurant owner, Chuck has been serving Louisiana locals and visitors freshly prepared, authentic Cajun dishes for over a decade. He purchased his first Cajun restaurant in 2006. With minimal capital, a dream, and lots of hard work, Chuck managed to triple his sales and grow his business into one of the top revenue-producing jambalaya restaurants in the greater Baton Rouge area with a loyal customer following. In December 2013, Chuck's restaurant was destroyed by a fire. Undeterred and optimistic, Chuck decided to turn his misfortune into an opportunity by using his proven methods of success to expand his business. Today Chuck is doing just that! He currently co-owns the Pot & Paddle corporate location in Gonzales, LA, and serves as Managing Partner for the Pot & Paddle franchise. The entire Pot & Paddle team thanks to our customers for their support in helping us to rebuild our business and continue to serve you delicious Cajun cuisine! We appreciate your business.